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My family is no longer allowed to play Wii bowling.

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This was the first photo in this article about how girls act in our generation.

I’m sorry but what kind of fedora wearing 15 year old friendzoned bronie writes this shit? It’s an entire PUBLISHED article about why women can’t get good guys and bashing girls who choose to wear their hair short (i.e. miley cyrus/jennifer lawrence). This kind of thing honestly disgusts me.

I urge every single one of my followers to read this article and then come to my inbox and assure my i’m not just imagining that he just fucking posted lana del rays nude to prove his point in a published article. I’m honestly so fucking horrified that people like this exist. She obviously trusted a man who she cared about with that photo and this fedora wearing douche is blaming her to prove that women of this generation are completely incapable of having any “class”. Um??????????????????

THIS IS FUCKING RIDICULOUS. I hate the friendzone. The friendzone isn’t a thing. You can’t expect every girl you meet to sleep with you. Girls aren’t just made for sex. Also girls have crushes on guys that just see them as friends too. And the nice guy can’t get girls shit is bullshit. You may think you’re nice but you might be acting creepy, have a boring personnality, or a girl isn’t attracted to you. That’s all. You know who thought girls only dated assholes? The UCSB shooter. That’s right.

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I did this because I wanted to show my bestfriend how much she is needed. Please don’t hate.

i started crying

I’m crying to

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I’m sorry I’m not a fan of Miley’s craziness and “personnality” but Bangerz is the shit and she rocks the stage.